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Octagonale Pole
OCLYTE Poles consist of sections with length up to 4 meters, which are assembled with fastening.

In that way the storage, transport and the assembly are minimalized as expenses

In case of damage is possible only the damaged part to be replaced.

OCLYTE is lighter than the previously offered poles on our market and have the same strength and resistance.

The octagonal poles OCLYTE are possible to be made in 2 ways:

- with flange and anchors - when you receive an offer, the anchors are included in price.

- with underground part( burring) - the length of the underground part is different for each length of the pole.

The final finish of the poles can be 2 types:

- hot galvanizing with thickness of the galvanizing covering at least 80 mcr. and warranty against corrosion 24 years.

- painting

The hot galvanizing is providing complete protection for a period from 20 to 30 years depending of the conditions on which the products are exposed.

Painting is not recommended because is much more expensive during the usage of the item.

We can produce arms according the poles - single, double, triple, quadruple , arms for floodlights etc.

The poles complies with the following EU standards: EN 40-1, EN 40-2, EN 40-3-1, EN 40-3-2, EN 40-3-3, 40-5, EN ISO 1461

Production time -10-12 working days for painted and 12-15 days for hot galvanized poles.

For price offer - please send request on e-mail: office@2r-bg.com

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