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Trade conditions

General trading conditions

Please understand our common terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Conditions") prior to trading with "2R Bulgaria" Ltd. "2R Bulgaria" Ltd. reserves the right to change its terms at any time.

1. Scope of the Terms:
A) These terms and conditions regulate the business activity of the company and are valid for all offers, deals and supplies of goods and services between 2R Bulgaria EOOD (the Merchant) and the Buyer, for which nothing else has been EXCLUSIVELY agreed. Changes to these terms and conditions are only permitted with the express and written consent of the Merchant. It is considered an obligation of "2R Bulgaria" Ltd. to make the conditions public and publicly available, and the Buyer to acquaint himself with them on their own initiative.

2. Offers:
A) The Merchant's written offers are valid for a period of 30 calendar days from the date of issue of the offer and until the quantity of a product has been exhausted, unless otherwise stated in the tender itself.

3.Price Agreements:
A) Unless otherwise agreed, the Merchant's product prices are valid from its latest catalog or store. Prices should be understood with included packing, excluding delivery or installation costs. VAT is charged at the bid prices, in accordance with the statutory rate. In the case of a deal already concluded, the subsequent unilateral reduction of the already agreed quantities in the application by the Buyer is not settled unless it is done with the written consent of the Merchant. If the Merchant accepts such changes, it has the right to change its unit prices according to its pricing methodology.

4. Payments:
A) Payments in our merchant sites are made on site unless there is an agreement between the Merchant and the Buyer for other terms.

5. Reservation of title:
A) The Goods remain the property of the Merchant until the full satisfaction of all claims and payments arising from the transaction.

6. Delivery:
A) Delivery is the result of an agreement between the two parties (Merchant, Buyer).
B) Partial deliveries are allowed at any time if there is such an agreement between the parties.

7. Transfer of responsibility, dispatch and packing
A) The goods risk passes to the Buyer as soon as they leave the Dealer's warehouse, regardless of who arranges the transport.
B) Delaying the expedition for reasons beyond the control of the Merchant translates the responsibility of the Buyer's failure.

8. Technical data, dimensions and tolerances:
(A) The technical information on the dimensions and other parameters of the goods or the package is indicative and should be interpreted in the context of the usual technical tolerances unless it is EXPRESSLY confirmed in writing by the Merchant.
B) If the products are manufactured according to the Technical Specifications provided by the Buyer, it is considered to be confidential and the Merchant is obliged not to provide it to a third person.

9. Warranty and Liability:
A) Warranty periods begin to run from the date of delivery of the goods.
B) The warranty terms refer only to factory defects.
C) The trader is not responsible for any damages and deviations from the quality of the property resulting from its misuse and exploitation by the Buyer or a third party.

10. Claims:
A) A claim is accepted only against a purchase receipt (invoice or cash receipt).
B) A product that has a defect or defect, reflected in the handover protocol between the parties, is delivered for warranty service to the warehouse (base) of the Merchant by the Buyer side and cost.
C) The Buyer undertakes to notify the Merchant of defects discovered immediately after their opening within the warranty period, without undertaking any unsolicited action to remedy them. Otherwise, the warranty liability fails.
D) All costs incurred for installation and dismantling of defective products under warranty are at the expense of the Purchaser, unless otherwise agreed with the Merchant.
E) The Merchant stores remanufactured merchandise within 1 month after notifying the customer that his claim is satisfied.
F) The merchant does not return money and does not replace the item purchased on-site at the store unless he is on a claim.

11. Technical information and instructions for using the merchant's products:
A) The buyer undertakes to use the products according to the instructions of the Merchant.
B) If the use instructions of the products do not mention the cases of use required by the Purchaser, it is recommended that he first consult the Merchant about their possible new application.
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